May 26, 2022 22:58
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Analytical Papers
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Europe´s Crisis: Beyond Finance
Everyone is wondering about the next disaster to befall Europe. Italy is one focus; Spain is also a possibility. But these crises are already under way. Instead, the next crisis will be political, not in the sense of what conventional politician is going to become prime minister, but in the deeper sense of whether Europes political elite can retain power, or whether new political forces are going to emerge that will completely reshape the European political landscape.
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Obama and Asias Two Futures
Despite the relentless shift of global economic might to Asia, and Chinas rise as a great power the central historical events of our time, which will drive world affairs for the foreseeable future Americas focus has been elsewhere.
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Eurasias Pipeline Tangle
Russias gas wars with Ukraine and Belarus and pointed objections to Europes third energy package, as well as heated competition to develop rival and commercially dubious southern energy transit routes, have re-ignited concerns about pipeline politics across Eurasia
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