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Europe´s Crisis: Beyond Finance
Everyone is wondering about the next disaster to befall Europe. Italy is one focus; Spain is also a possibility. But these crises are already under way. Instead, the next crisis will be political, not in the sense of what conventional politician is going to become prime minister, but in the deeper sense of whether Europes political elite can retain power, or whether new political forces are going to emerge that will completely reshape the European political landscape.
Obama and Asias Two Futures
Despite the relentless shift of global economic might to Asia, and Chinas rise as a great power the central historical events of our time, which will drive world affairs for the foreseeable future Americas focus has been elsewhere.
Eurasias Pipeline Tangle
Russias gas wars with Ukraine and Belarus and pointed objections to Europes third energy package, as well as heated competition to develop rival and commercially dubious southern energy transit routes, have re-ignited concerns about pipeline politics across Eurasia
The Decline and Fall of Americas Decline and Fall
The United States is going through difficult times. Its post-2008 recovery has slowed, and some observers fear that Europes financial problems could tip the American and world economy into a second recession.
The Neo-Ottomans: Honor or Geopolitical Interests
In early September, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in a conversation with an opposition leader that Turkey will not deviate from its policy of tough relations with Israel no matter how many millions of dollars it costs. After all, honor has no price.
How to Prevent a Depression
The latest economic data suggests that recession is returning to most advanced economies, with financial markets now reaching levels of stress unseen since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. The risks of an economic and financial crisis even worse than the previous one now involving not just the private sector, but also near-insolvent sovereigns are significant.
Arab Spring, Western Fall
The old vocation of what Rudyard Kipling called the White Mans Burden the driving idea behind the Wests quest for global hegemony from the days of imperial expansion in the nineteenth century to the current, pathetically inconclusive, Libyan intervention has clearly run out of steam.
How speculators have arranged the biggest famine
Some years of crisis have generated on a planet the most scale famine in history of mankind. Profits of speculators beat records. But according to the United Nations in the world under eat more than billion people. How there could be such situation and what its economic reasons? What policy stands up for dear bread? And how the rise in prices is connected by crisis?
The role of Great Britain in destabilization on the Middle East
Role of foreign powers in the organization of revolutions deny today only in a circle of incorrigible romantics. Certainly, once, in days of Robespierre and Cromwell, all forces of the old Europe threw on conservation of former world order, but it then. From those since then, in the world of the developed imperialism, about any solidarity of speech did not go any more
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