May 26, 2022 11:56
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Analytical Papers
How speculators have arranged the biggest famine
Some years of crisis have generated on a planet the most scale famine in history of mankind. Profits of speculators beat records. But according to the United Nations in the world under eat more than billion people. How there could be such situation and what its economic reasons? What policy stands up for dear bread? And how the rise in prices is connected by crisis?
The role of Great Britain in destabilization on the Middle East
Role of foreign powers in the organization of revolutions deny today only in a circle of incorrigible romantics. Certainly, once, in days of Robespierre and Cromwell, all forces of the old Europe threw on conservation of former world order, but it then. From those since then, in the world of the developed imperialism, about any solidarity of speech did not go any more
Cunnings of the Iranian policy of "gunboats"
Iran has dexterously taken advantage of the situation which has developed with Egypt, it is able try to direct to own advantage current begun national protests and overthrow of former modes in Tunis and Egypt, the most complicated Near-Eastern political passing move. The Internet-wind which has stirred up all over again the countries of Northern Africa, and then and all Near East, having turned to destructive hurricane for many modes corrected there though had local ground, has arisen in the West.
The USA tries to construct "economical" economy
The Major economic news for today – intentions of the president of the United States of Barrack Obama to cut in half a budget deficit. In 2012 the United States will undertake a step new to their anti-recessionary policy. The country will pass to the rigid savings already tested in EU and other states of a planet. What means this step for economic? And what its novelty for the American policy?
"Jericho" for Ukraine
After acts of terrorism on September, 11th, 2001 Americans at the most various level hardly have engaged in modeling of a various sort of terrorist attacks which to some probability can threaten the USA. Have not bypassed this subject matter by movie-makers, for last years Hollywood has given out an avalanche of various film-production, in which with all grasping (or, more often, ridiculous) force of imagination of scriptwriters paints versions of an attack to the United States. From all this peel it is possible to select individual works which are worthy the analysis.
On southwest without changes
The role of the passive observer which Ukraine played many years in immediate proximity from the "frozen" conflict in Transdniestria today does not approach it and moreover, is dangerous. The critical weight of the foreign policy mistakes accomplished in given sector, with interest suffices «political Chernobyl» for explosion
Breads and petrol!
Prospects of the major gamble on a wave of the Egyptian revolution, and result is the world prices for petrol have risen above 100 dollars for barrel. Again we have begun to hear forecasts that now to hydrocarbon don’t stop. But whether they in a reality "will rise in price more and more"? And how in this connection there will be a destiny of bread?
Disintegration of eurozone
To predict disintegration of eurozone became modern trend. Display of budgetary problems of Greece has created an occasion for the first similar predictions and preventions. Whether the eurozone will break up? What bear processes inside of EU to the countries of the East Europe? What prospects of integration on the European space? Who and about what interested?
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