May 26, 2022 11:24
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Analytical Papers
Terrorism in Ukraine: problem or illusion?
Sergei Kovalenko: "Modern Islamic terrorist organizations have a complex hierarchical structure. They use sophisticated equipment; have the reliable sources of funding; apply conspiracy methods usually used by the professionals. And if we add to this fanatical devotion to the Уmatter", then we should agree that this "nut" can be "too strong", even for advanced security services, and Ukraine here Ц is not an exceptionФ.
Terrorism as it is. Reasons and roots
Vladimir Dmitrenko: What causes terrorism? Why instead of disappearing in our "enlightened age, it, in the contrary, takes effect? Like any other phenomenon, terrorism rises if the favorable conditions are created for it. This means that the spread of terrorism, especially in Europe and the U.S., caused primarily by the fact that there is obviously a good ground for such expansion has been developed there.
Refugees and we
Vladimir Dmitrenko: The refugees have been at all times, especially during times when somewhere there were wars. So it was in the Ancient World, and in the Middle Ages, and in times of modern history. But in recent years of the twentieth century the problem of refugees has become one of the main European issues, perhaps, one of the greatest challenges for all economically developed countries. Europe fond of protection of minority rights and forgot that the majority should have the rights as well.
Approaches to the construction of humanitarian paradigm of national security
Deputy Head of State Administration Department, Candidate of Medical Sciences Rostislav Valikhnovskiy: it is obvious that in the next decade the State will remain a pillar of world order. This is putting forward increased demands on the ability of national security system to detect, prevent and neutralize threats in the political, economic and other spheres of society and State.
Economic crisis and the role of the health protection in the national security system
Exclusively for AOSS: Ц N.O.Ryngach - Candidate of Medical Sciences (PhD), Doctorial theses applicant at the Department of the public health of the National Academy of Public Administration under the Office of the President of Ukraine: It is important to assess existing and potential risks to the public health caused by the economic crisis and their possible impact on national security to identify the priorities for the adequate response.
Demography problem in the context of national security of Ukraine
Exclusively for AOSS: Political analyst, candidate of psychological sciences O.Cherednichenko: "The demographic problem in the sense of national security stands next to its fundamental basics such as energy supply and food provision.
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