September 18, 2020 10:10
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Refugees and we

Vladimir Dmitrenko, specialist on the analysis of political and economic information.

 The refugees have been at all times, especially during times when somewhere there were wars. So it was in the Ancient World, and in the Middle Ages, and in times of modern history. But in recent years of the twentieth century the problem of refugees has become one of the main European issues, perhaps, one of the greatest challenges for all economically developed countries. Every day, news agencies report that somewhere there are detained cars with refugees, ships or boats with refugees, detained refugees trying to get somewhere across the border on foot or who arrived without documents by the flights.

After the Second World War, European countries have adopted the laws according to which the person cannot be denied in his right of asylum. The decisions where adopted, as it was seen, with the best humanitarian intentions, but what happened?

Into the Europe there have begun to arrive at the beginning hundreds, then thousands, then hundreds of thousands and millions of immigrants from Asia and Africa, calling for themselves the right of asylum. And the countries of Europe, by virtue of its legislation, were forced to provide them a safe haven, because many of the countries, where these people came from, in fact were under quite uncivilized regimes. Refugees were granted housing, provided with allowances that significantly exceeded what they could earn at home. Costs naturally fell down on the shoulders of taxpayers and what was given to refugees, was taken from the residents, who hosted these refugees. Almost all countries have imposed restrictions on the admission of refugees, but the flow of refugees is not only not diminished, but on the contrary, increased.


This is largely due to the decline of morality experienced by Europe and loss of a moral compass that led to a dramatic reduction in natality. Birth rates in most European countries provide only 25-40% of the norm of reproduction. Europe is dying out. Under these circumstances, immigrants are needed to fill jobs.

Another, and perhaps even more important reason for this continued flow, is that solutions to refugee problems has become one of the most profitable businesses, and this business has already for a long time been taken in hands of the representatives of organized criminal groups and communities. The man, who had lost everything in his own country, will never have a chance to get into the Europe. To get there, people from Asia or Africa, as well as immigrants from the CIS countries, should pay to intermediaries 5 to 15 thousand dollars, and sometimes even more. Given the fact that the Europe experiences arrival of 3 to 5 million refugees each year, it is easy to calculate that their delivery brings those who do it from $20 to $50 billion net, tax-free profits. And the profit of criminal organizations does not end there. Most of arrived girls by means of deception or by force are placed in brothels, where each of them brings to their owners a few more tens of thousands of dollars in profits. Profit comes do not only from girls who have got to pimps. Much of refugees are forced to work illegally for a pittance, again yielding excessive profits to those who use them. But once again, to use them at work illegally, without knowing about that by gangs is not possible, so, the last have certainly the share. Arrived in Europe and settled in there clan representatives of criminal groups are initially engaged in "protecting" people coming from their countries - "watch over" the workers, getting them bribes, "watch over" cafes, restaurants, tailoring shops, brothels, gambling. It usually starts from a small, but tentacles of the octopus grow quickly. If in the country where the refugees arrived from drugs are traditionally manufactured, newcomers, a little getting used to, come out and become involved in illegal drugs traffic. For police it is difficult to deal with ethnic criminal networks partly because they do not have language specialists, partly – due to the fact that there is much more difficult to recruit an informant there, and because of many other quite obvious reasons.

In Europe today there are more than 100 million refugees and displaced persons. And their number is constantly growing. Their patrons were able to earn on them hundreds of billions if not trillion dollars. Such amount of money allows conducting the proper propaganda, to buy members of parliaments, to sponsor people-rights activists, to produce soulful films about the bad life of legal and illegal immigrants. Some communities of refugees and displaced people, with millions of members, are extremely influential. Their representatives are engaged not only in illegal, but also in quite legal forms of business, taking an increasingly prominent place in the European economy.

But in Europe they stopped paying attention to the fact that arriving there from other continents migrants virtually ceased to assimilate. Rather than perceive the life of their host nations they themselves are increasingly often and sometimes very toughly impose local residents to their own lifestyle, and regard them less and less.

In Germany there are more than 8.5 million immigrants from Asia and Africa. In Berlin they represent over 15% of the population. Because of their unity, the German politics listen to their opinion more than the opinion of the Germans. From their voting for someone, it is often depend the election results. Not surprisingly, that Germany finds possibilities to accept millions of Turks and Kurds, Algerians, Iraqis, Afghans, pays them benefits, and at the same time hinders the return to Germany of the ethnic Germans from the CIS countries, who wish to come back to their homeland. In Kiev, the local Germans have repeatedly picketed the German Embassy, demanding from German government to cease discrimination and to allow them to depart to their homeland, but these requirements are so far ignored. Perhaps the German authorities are waiting when these ethnic Germans will commit several acts of self-immolation in front of Embassy – namely, what some of them promised to do.

Why Germany politics are so indifferent to the Germans? The reason is very simple - in Germany a lot of different communities and diasporas, defending their rights, and therefore influential. But there is no German community in Germany - every German is himself. Similarly, in England - no English community and that is why the immigrants from Asia can easily fire autos in the streets of English cities and fight local peoples who they did not like to.

In the French capital, Paris, there are entire neighborhoods, populated by Algerians. The French themselves are already afraid of going into there, and not without reason. France has settled more than 5 million immigrants from Algeria and their number is growing. At the same time the French government is not disturb in the fact that the numerous French settlers in Algeria until it gained independence in 1962, more than one million people, were forced to flee the country, leaving there all their property. Why run? Because local extremists have vowed to kill any non-Muslim foreigner, regardless his gender and age. Do not care about that French authorities. Do not think the French politics about possibility that some people from coming to France migrants eventually will have a desire to expel the French from France. At least, the French have already been moved out from the areas of compact residence of some migrants.

 In Sweden, over 98% of crimes are committed by the nationals from other countries, primarily from Asia, Africa, but the country accepts more and more refugees, and provides them with free language training, medical care, benefits for themselves and their children.

Europe fond of protection of minority rights and forgot that the majority should have the rights as well. And it is namely the rights of majority of population, which each country must defend foremost! Most people in Europe are still the Europeans, but they are becoming less and less influential - for decades, idea of individualism imposed to them led to the fact that everybody is putting at the first place not the interests of the state or its people, but primarily his own interests. For some period of time a man who has got certain benefits to the detriment of his native nationals, sometimes wins, but in the long run, he always loses, because, along with part of the rights of his counterparts, he always give and loses part of his own rights.

The process is compounded by the profound decline of Christian morality in Europe.

"Be fruitful and multiply" - calls on the Holy Scriptures, but modern Christians diligently crossing and reading these words, at the same time swallow contraceptive pills and teach children in schools how to use condoms.

"Do not commit adultery" - calls one of the twelve commandments of the Lord. But the same channels that are spinning a lot of money for their performances and the visiting preachers, without slightest embarrassment show blatant porn after that.

The commandment "Do not steal" does not bother attending church thieves, as it does not bother priests who accept their gifts.

European bishops at the same time manage to read their parishioners parable about Sodom and Gomorrah, and marry in their cathedrals gay marriage. But did those who advocate the same-sex marriage put themselves question: "How children will appear, how self-reproduction function of society will be kept if all people suddenly become supporters of same-sex love? Will not die human society along with them when they grow old? "Even supporters of same-sex love, having thought about that, should agree that imposing all to homosexual love is not a case. Everyone should have a freedom of choice.

And can it be called Christians those of European priests, who for the sake of wishing to make fun of Christian traditions entertainer, arrange in their temples show, solemnly consecrating marriages of dogs, cats, pigs? There is no Faith here at all. It smells rotten business, for which the main goal is a big bag of money.

The population of Europe, which is split into thousands of Christians, “near-Christian’’ pseudo-Christian confessions, but considers itself Christian, already does not know whom to believe, and pastors often most concerned about solving exclusively financial problems. Faith in God is replaced by going to a church or prayer meetings. What we can expect in the end - God knows, but more than five-thousand years experience of writing culture of mankind shows: historically, the decline of faith invariably ended with political upheavals and change of the dominant faiths. Anyway, even now, when some members of the European Parliament put to vote in the Council of Europe's proposal to recognize the priority of Christian values, this proposal was rejected.

De-Christianization of Europe is obvious to all who have eyes and wants to see what happens, not just what you want. Meanwhile, a change in lifestyle - this is not always progress. Breaking the moral and cultural values is not always good, but always bears the discomfort for most of people. Moreover, those who are now at the helm, determining policy in Europe and the Western world should remember that as history shows, during the massive political upheavals, the difficulties occur not only at the lower, but at the upper level of society as well. Moreover, historical experience teaches us that during such cataclysms, the ruling elite of society, as a rule, is completely changed. In this case, it often loses not only the power and wealth, but the lives.

However, it is the wrong one who believes that his nation or race is the best and unique. It is not. If somebody would say that there are nations wise and stupid, warlike and peaceful, lazy and hardworking - do not believe it! If modern races and nations would live in complete isolation from each other, let’s say on different continents or different planets a few hundred or two hundred thousand years, then some differences could appear. But so far between us, the inhabitants of the Earth, there are only some differences in appearance, in customs and traditions. As for the mental differences, such differences have individuals. But not the entire nations. The nations in this regard so far are all the same and there are no bad nations, nor good ones. Simply each of us loves first of all his family and his nation.

 It would be foolish and naive to blame all the refugees that they are going to do something wrong. Not all of them are criminals and bums who want to live on welfare. They are people too, and want to live well. But look, how officials parasitizing on the problems of refugees, turned out a problem!

Ukrainian border guards detain refugees, get them out of a truck. And so what? They are provided with meals and housing. The state allocates each of them for 70 hryvna per day! And this is at the time when average earning of the Ukrainians is significantly lower! Compare this with your salary or pension of your parents! We have a crumbling military camps, where after these units were disbanded, the families of former military continue to live without light, water and heat - they simply have nowhere else to live. The State Immigration Committee equips in such towns the beautiful houses for illegal migrants. For married migrants there are available even individual apartments. And nearby - our citizens, who pay taxes, used for these super camps for illegal migrants to be built and who even cannot even dream about such living conditions! We mentioned only the abandoned military camps, where dozens of people are living in a miserable conditions! And how many people, I mean our citizens, are forced to live in Chernobyl zone? How many of our citizens in Kiev itself (I'm not talking about other cities) are living in inhuman conditions, dreaming about how to get those ones that are available to migrants? Why should the state take care of intruders more than of its own citizens?

Why the Ukrainian, who was illegally thrown out of the apartment does not receive what an uninvited stranger receives? Our unfortunate man can get nothing! Why our homeless fellow countryman is not cared about by State and refugee is?

Here we see the paradoxes of democracy. No one cares of homeless in England and France, and Germany, and in the U.S., according to American movies, homeless people there are also not a scarce. But how far will get a society that sees the mote in another's eye, but do not notice a log at his foots? Community hustling to help others, when its own people are living in extreme poverty, and especially society, which is doing so not under moral impulse, but on purely formal grounds, is deeply sick. A patient, who instead of treatment exacerbates the disease, looks forward to a sad end.

I'm not trying to prove that the people from Asia or Africa worse than we are. We can have different color of skin and eyes, someone from certain people may be smarter, someone more stupid or more accurate, someone is talented, and someone is not, but in general, we are identical. And I repeat: there are no nations stupid and clever, lazy and industrious. Historical experience proves that a reasonable number of interethnic marriages, in general, always was good for any nation.

This is not a point. Now our nation has its own State, its own apartment in the common house, called the planet Earth. There is nothing wrong with that if someone will call to visit us, to visit and then go. But if the "guest", instead of knocking and asking permission to enter, climbs through a window or bursts by breaking the door, it is wise to immediately throw him out, giving a strong kick below the back, and not to accept and treat him. Instead of use to the uninvited guests over-compassionate, we must ask ourselves the question: "If a guest without asking permission settles in one of our rooms, then occupies another and another, whether we cannot sometimes find ourselves firstly in a kitchen or hall, and then in the corridor or at the street at all"?

It would be nice if all inhabitants of Earth have the same nationality, and if people of all nationalities could live as they wish in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia or America, could live according to their own customs, religion, and there would be no restrictions in employment or the right to hold any positions of responsibility, nor the ability to open their own businesses. It would be nice if people judge others only according to their personal qualities and personal merits, and not belonging to any ethnic or religious group. But, unfortunately, it is just an impossible dream now. In today's world, everything is completely wrong. And if we do not turn back the flow of migrants, then very soon, having become a minority, we will see how the national emblem and official language is changed, and even the name of the State, which once was ours. And weather we will get in the new state the rights that we are giving now to the newcomers, or at all, at least some rights? Who knows? ..

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